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War of Drekis
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War Of Drekis

For centuries, the Galactic Defense Force has ruled the stars, preventing all evil from taking root. They are an intergalactic force of justice, who protect innocent people from the plots of murderers, crooks, and megalomaniacs. However, there is one system, one world, where the GDF have no jurisdiction.
-----That world is Khazan. Khazan is a world where the forces of good and evil have fought in a never-ending struggle for control of the planet. Out of this chaos, several forces have risen to battle for control. The Sentinels of Liberty and Justice; who strive to save all people from evil and crime. The Maniacal heroes; full of strange people with enough will and hope to make a difference in the World. The Marauders; an alliance of crooks and theives who desire nothing but money and riches. The Fallen; a dark force of power hungry villains who wish to destroy and conquer all.
-----Now, a new evil has taken root in Khazan. An evil which has been known to many in the Universe. Now this evil seeks to complete its sadistic campaign on the world of Khazan; a planet where the greatest amount of power and ambition can be found. The planet of Khazan is thrown into chaos as a terrible war consumes the land.
-----Now, to defeat this new evil and save the world, the forces of light and darkness are forced to fight together in a way they never thought possible. Amidst the chaos, old heroes and new allies rise to face this new evil. The War of Drekis has begun...


October 6th, 2010.

--Chapter 27 has been completed.

Archived Notes

-During the process of this story's completion, I will be compiling an index of Khazan related terms, people, organizations so that those not familiar with such who want to read the story can have a better understanding. This is a far future plan.

Want to Make a Contribution? A Collaboration?: All of the Cities and State-Kingdoms created in this story can be used in other stories, and other cities of your own can be created within them. This is also just one part of the Gas-Giant-Sized Planet called Khazan. If you'd like to make a Fic dealing, in whole or in part, with the War of Drekis (Such as Side Stories, Explanations of what Characters not talked about in this fic were doing during the War, etc.), feel free to contact me here:



This is still being worked on and updated. The overview contains different sections of information in relation to the story. It includes a quick overview of the characters, places, etc that appear in the fic. It is mostly for quick reference.

The Khazan Map as it exists in this Story: There was a time when a map of Khazan existed on the website. Since then, it has apparently been deleted. Regardless, for the purpose of this story only, I have created a Khazan map of the continent this takes place in. I make no claims that this is the one true canon incarnation of Khazan, this is just how I organized it for this particular story.

The Story so far...


War of Drekis

Part I: Advent of Darkness

Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos; the materials must, in the first place, be afforded: it can give form to dark, shapeless substances, but cannot bring into being the substance itself."
--Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
From: Frankenstein, Author's Introduction.

War Of Drekis: Chapter 1: Advent
War Of Drekis: Chapter 2: Prelude to Massacre
War Of Drekis: Chapter 3: Tides of Darkness
War Of Drekis: Chapter 4: Eve of the Last Stand
War Of Drekis: Chapter 5: Zel'Myas...City of the Marauders

Part II: Destiny

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The war of Drekis engulfs the western side of the main continent as the heroes chosen by Elwin D'Larthi, entrusted with the task of finding and destroying Drekis himself, find themselves struggling to escape the state-kingdom of Zel'Mier. Thanks to Timothy Shinestar and Telissa Ravan, the heroic team has been freed from Marauder imprisonment in the occupied capital of Zel'Myas, but they must still escape the Marauders themselves...a task which won't be so easy.
-----Meanwhile, the servant of the dark, Morlos, warns his master Drekis of the heroes imminent escape. Not willing to let the heroes of Khazan discover his Master Hive so soon, an army of darkness emerges from the DarkShadow forest to launch an horrific and unexpected attack on the state-kingdom of Zel'Mier. The group is forced to pull back and return to Khazan City, but they soon find that there is little time to devise a plan of action.
-----Jon Avalon has been given the task of conquering the city of New Xaelis, and with it, the state-kingdom of Xaelon itself. As the demonic armies and Uberman's defense force meet in mortal combat in the grassland valley of Walshin outside of the city borders, the evil general Horror moves his forces into Cretalia. Meanwhile, Vincentzo Maiinverno recieves chilling news from his lieutenants. Another army of Drekis has taken the Xaelon city of Rugudelon, and with its bridges, have crossed over and begun a full scale attack on Araelis. With this, the western state-kingdom of Thenesiea is cut off from support and falls prey to the armies of Veronica Daemon.
-----The shadows of chaos begin to pull across the land, and soon they could consume all of Khazan itself. The heroes of Khazan struggle to stop the tide of darness, and hope to regroup in time to destroy the dark avatar of chaos before his hold on Khazan becomes absolute. But when the Fallen become involved in the conflict, things can only become more confusing for the SLJ.

War Of Drekis: Chapter 6: Antipathy
War Of Drekis: Chapter 7: War of Shadows
War Of Drekis: Chapter 8: Inevitable Storm
War of Drekis: Chapter 9: The Power that is Yet to Be
War Of Drekis: Chapter 10: A Hero's Resolve
War of Drekis: Chapter 11: Finale Upon Red Snow
War Of Drekis: Chapter 12: Fallen Angels
War of Drekis: Chapter 13: Revelation
War of Drekis: Chapter 14: The Gathering Part I
War of Drekis: Chapter 15: The Gathering Part II

Part III: The Call for Heroes

From the forbidden continent of Denes'Takai come the undead Saramach, an unholy legion that pledges allegiance to Drekis. With their forces he gains an undeniable advantage in the war with Khazan's people. But what is the truth behind the supposed connection between the Saramach and Drekis' history? Does Saramach Melfyre, leader of their cursed kind, truly seek to aid Drekis in his razing of Khazan, or does he have some ambitions of his own?
-----Meanwhile, the Marauders and the Heroes that have gathered in Axia launch their plan: they will enter the lair of the enemy himself, and confront Drekis in order to bring a quick end to the bloody conflict. One of the most powerful teams of Khazan's citizens, both good and evil, has been formed to take Drekis down, but are they prepared for the horrors that await them deep in the Endless Caves?
-----In the ravaged lands of Araelis, Vincentzo Maiinverno and Tanin fight against the armies of Aigonis Zekruel to protect the capital city of Arael. To suffer one more loss would mean the fall of Araelis, and the destruction of everything that Maiinverno has worked to accomplish. But across the horizon, new threats develop as the armies of the unseen General Shadow Wing storm towards Axia.
-----And as the conflict intensifies, the Fallen come under attack on their own island. Marc Dollar, Devyn Soyokaze, and the rest of the Fallen Council stand ready to defeat their ambitious foes, but just as the battle begins, Drekis himself appears!

War Of Drekis: Chapter 16: Endless Caves...In The Lair Of The Dark Lord
War Of Drekis: Chapter 17: Battle Cry
War Of Drekis: Chapter 18: Fury
War Of Drekis: Chapter 19: War of Two Evils
War Of Drekis: Chapter 20: Onslaught
War Of Drekis: Chapter 21: Lady of Evangeles
War Of Drekis: Chapter 22: Fallen Tower
War Of Drekis: Chapter 23: Chaos Vs. Light
War Of Drekis: Chapter 24: Unholy Alliance

Part IV: Dissonance

Tim Shinestar accepts his new role in the War of Drekis, and prepares to face the hordes of deminites with an unprecedented alliance of Sentinels, Maniacals, Fallen, and Marauders. A brutal month of combat passes, and the tide is beginning to turn. With all of the major powers of Khazan, both evil and good, fighting side by side, the Drekis armies begin to fall back. But a problem remains.
The Saramach Empire still lends thier undead to Drekis' cause, and they maintain control of Cretalia's ports while more ships send undying legions to aid the enemy. Worse yet, the Saramach have allowed Drekis to assimilate their nature, leading to the birth of dreadful new minions: powerful, lethal, and hard to kill. For the Khazan alliance, their objective is clear: the Saramach must be removed from the war.
A team of the alliances best combatants are sent on an important mission. With most of Khazan's military busy fighting in Axia, the alliance has little resources to send to Cretalia. But one Khazan military outpost holds a legion of mechs that could be used against the Saramach, and the team must recover this lost outpost. But the enemy they face here is not Drekis; the outpost was taken by another creature--an ancient monster of legend...one who will not easily give up his keep.
The fight for Khazan continues, but even though the Fallen and the Sentinels face a mutual enemy, their hatred for each other creates a fragile alliance. Can they defeat the Drekis legions when everyone is out to fulfill their own agenda?

War Of Drekis: Chapter 25: Ambivalence
War of Drekis: Chapter 26: The Syre-Wolf Part I
War Of Drekis: Chapter 27: The Syre-Wolf Part II
War Of Drekis: Chapter 28: Couterstrike
War Of Drekis: Chapter 29: The Flame of Saramach
War Of Drekis: Chapter 30: Curse of the Past
War Of Drekis: Chapter 31: Fall of Saramach
War Of Drekis: Chapter 32: Skye's Battle
War Of Drekis: Chapter 33: War in Axia
War of Drekis: Chapter 34: Conflict at Dres'garra Falls
War of Drekis: Chapter 35: Reason
War of Drekis: Chapter 36: Worth Dying For
War of Drekis: Chapter 37: The Invasion of Axia Prime
War of Drekis: Chapter 38: Tears of Blood

Part V: Fear and Vengeance

War Of Drekis: Chapter 39: Victory...The Promise of a Leader
War Of Drekis: Chapter 40: HellFire
War Of Drekis: Chapter 41: Eyes of Drekis
War Of Drekis: Chapter 42: Battle at the Great Wall of Carnage
War Of Drekis: Chapter 43: The Last Hope
War Of Drekis: Chapter 44: Shattered Dreams
War Of Drekis: Chapter 45: Conquest
War Of Drekis: Chapter 46: The Final Element of Pandora's Box

Part VI: The Final Battle

War Of Drekis: Chapter 47: Five Years Past...The birth of a Hero
War Of Drekis: Chapter 48: An Old Enemy..Avalon's Return
War Of Drekis: Chapter 49: A Dark Khazan
War Of Drekis: Chapter 50: "Quoth The Raven..."
War of Drekis: Chapter 51: In the Ruins of Khazan City
War Of Drekis: Chapter 52: Edge Of Victory
War Of Drekis: Chapter 53: Blood Battle
War Of Drekis: Chapter 54: Nightmares End
War Of Drekis: Epilogue: Aftermath